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If you want the most positive, most fun, and most energetic podcast east of the 55 freeway. Join this California "Power Couple"; Jimbo and Jackie. They have figured out how to make 50 and older rock in this midlife crisis world we live in while raising 7 kids. Join in and listen for family fun and you'll learn to not be 50 and fuukt. So tune in, pour yourself an adult beverage and enjoy the journey of how you can make your 50's rock!!!

Jul 31, 2019

Time for another episode to violate your earholes! Play along with your own Weekly Highs and Lows -- or “come on down” to find out what game show the duo were on. Wait, Jackie won an all expenses paid trip to Belize?!

This week Phil Hurley, creator of the Slim Chiller is on with the Dynamic Duo, and it will give you anything but brain freeze. Pour yourself a Chamskey or grab an “adult otter pop” because this week Jimbo & Jackie are going to have you running to Costco ASAP! Don’t forget to Subscribe so you never miss any of the action.